Metal Detectable Retractable ReAkta Heavy Duty Safety Knife

The ReAkta Utility Knife has a unique mechanism where the blade locks in the ‘out’ position when a controlled cut is being made, however if the knife is dropped, shaken or jerked, the blade will automatically retract. This heavy duty version is manufactured with an alumnium blade carrier. Molded in a metal detectable plastic with stainless steel blade, complete with metal detectable security key for a controlled blade change.

  • Aluminum or Plastic blade carrier
  • Molded in a tough glassed filled nylon plastic
  • Blade storage inside the knife
  • Security key for a controlled blade change
  • Reversible and replaceable blades
  • Easy blade change and cleaning procedure

Plasterboard, Carpet, Linoleum, Rubber, Cable, Card

Pricing by quantity
1 – 100
101 – 500
501 – 1000
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BODY 20% Glass Filled Metal Detectable Nylon Plastic
BLADE CARRIER Heavy Duty – Aluminum / Std Duty – 20% Glass Filled Metal Detectable Nylon Plastic
COMPONENTS Stainless Steel
BLADE Stainless Steel
DIMENSIONS 167 x 50 x 18mm
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