Metal Detectable Safety Knife Fish 3000

The Fish 3000M safety knives were developed following requests from wholesales and magazine industries for a Fish safety knife with a retracting hook blade. The Fish 2000M comes with an ‘auto retract’ hook blade and the Fish 3000M, a ‘manual retract’ hook blade. Molded in a metal detectable plastic with stainless steel blades, suitable for the food and pharmaceutical industries.

  • Opposing slopes at the mouth exit reduces friction for a more efficient cut
  • Spring loaded auto retract or manual retract hook blade.
  • Lanyard point
  • Disposable

Strapping / Banding, Stretch / Bubble Wrap, Card / Tape, Cable Ties, Rope / String, Netting

Pricing by quantity
1 – 100
101 – 500
501 – 1000
KNIFE BODY ABS Metal Detectable Plastic
COMPONENTS Stainless Steel
STRAIGHT BLADE Stainless Steel
HOOK BLADE Stainless Steel
DIMENSIONS 165 x 45 x 10 mm
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