Heavy Duty Safety Knife Big Fish w/o Hook Blade

Heavy Duty version of the Fish design without hook blade or tape cutter. This is usually the specification when used as a rescue knife or when the hook or tape cutter option is not required.

  • 6mm or 9mm mouth opening (9mm option cuts up to 12mm rope)
  • Reversable and replaceable straight blade
  • Tamper proof option available*

* Tamper proof option only available for 9mm version. Made with sheer off screws for extra security, making the knife a ‘disposable’ where you CANNOT change the blade. Extra $3 charge applies for this variation.

Rope, Strapping / Banding, Stretch / Bubble Wrap, Seatbelts, Clothing, Cable Ties, String, Netting, Rubber

Pricing by quantity
1 – 100                   $30.00
101 – 500              $27
501 – 1000            Call
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KNIFE BODY: Machined PVC Plastic
STRAIGHT BLADE: Stainless Steel
DIMENSIONS: 175 x 45 x 12 mm
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