Metal Detectable Safety Knife Fish 200 with Tape Cutter

Fish 200 complete with tape cutter. The tape cutter is a thumbnail shaped piece of blunt metal, just enough to split tape on a box. Molded in a metal detectable plastic with stainless steel blade and tape cutter.

  • Textured surface for firm grip
  • Complete with tape cutter
  • Removable metal detectable hook blade cover
  • Reversible and replaceable straight blade
  • Lanyard point

Strapping / Banding, Stretch / Bubble Wrap, Tape, Cable Ties, Rope / String, Netting

KNIFE BODY Nylon 6 Metal Detectable Plastic
STRAIGHT BLADE Stainless Steel
HOOK BLADE Stainless Steel
HOOK COVER Polypropylene Metal Detectable Plastic
DIMENSIONS 165 x 40 x 10 mm


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